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Pamela Hand is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Professional and Certified Trauma Therapist. She is the owner of Recovery Solutions where she and her team provide treatment options for individuals and their families. Pamela is especially passionate about providing trauma therapy to her patients and offers individual and group therapy for individuals with mental health, and co-occurring disorders. She has built and developed several programs and stands out in the treatment and recovery communities. Offering hope to the hopeless, safety to the untrusting, and relief to those that seek her guidance.

Every individual seeking therapy has their own story. Each unique and each needing something different. Therefore, Pamela has dedicated her life’s work to gain an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom in understanding human development, behavior, what breaks an individual down and what is helpful in building them up. Pamela uses an eclectic approach with her patients and their families after assessing where they are and what methods would be best utilized to gain optimal benefits.

Therapy, according to Pamela, is an active, moving, participatory undertaking and partnership between therapist and patient. When both are invested and working together, great heights of awareness can be gained. This can be the launchpad for incredible heights of healing, change-making, and resolution of unresolved woundedness that has been affecting patients in several unwanted ways.

Pamela’s approach is highly effective for those that are sick and tired. Who are ready to do the work. For those that are ready to roll up their sleeves, allow the guide to give them directives and apply themselves to the process. She is not for everyone. In the beginning, she will gently guide you to the path however if after some time you haven’t jumped into the process, rolled up your sleeves, done some of the work, been open, been curious about the process and you want someone else to do the work, Pamela is not for you. This is your Life. You are worth living it to the fullest. I get it. Right now, maybe you don’t feel it. If you did, you would not be seeking something else. Be the seeker. Change takes effort. Ms. Pamela will walk with you and celebrate all the successes, both big and small along your way.

Carrying Shame, Fear, Feeling Socially Awkward, Secrets, Anxiety, Depression, Disappointments, Losing a loved one or a professional loss, Keeping the Secret of Childhood Sexual Abuse or Adult Abuse, or Domestic Violence, Unable to Function for many reasons all have the ability to be improved and resolved with greater awareness and a guide to help provide the direction to reach the depth and meaning of what is holding the person back. Ready to connect? Contact Me here.

Pamela’s approach comes from a deep understanding of pain. She offers a sense of safety yet also gives a sense of commanding the therapeutic process. Giving the patient the feeling that they are in good, qualified, knowledgeable, and capable hands. Her approach and knowledge of how to reach and apply the therapeutic processes, she instills the feeling that she understands the pit of pain and can help the patient reach heights of triumph.

Pamela is constantly assessing and is adamant in meeting the patient where they are at. One of her favorite sayings is that all behavior is a Clinical issue and “I can’t treat it if the patient isn’t here” therefore developing a safe therapeutic relationship with her patients is of high importance and having a high level of knowledge and experience is critical.

What I have seen is a person comes for depression and what they end up working on is disappointment or the loss of a relationship. Or another comes with thoughts of self-harm and finds that criticism from a significant person has conditioned them to be passive in their communication style with a build-up of incredible pain turned into self-loathing or self-hatred. Or an individual presents who really is self-medicating a depressive disorder or anxiety disorder or unresolved trauma.

Pamela says that often patients present for conditions much different than what we end up treating. In my opinion, as difficult as it is to tell a stranger that you have thoughts of suicide, it is my experience that it is easier to disclose that what lies beneath. After rapport is built and the patient develops trust and safety, then they are ready to have therapeutic techniques implemented and the real healing begins.


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